Event Format

Event Format

At each QQQ Champions by Invesco Series event fans will enjoy a one-night tournament featuring three exciting matches between the four participating players. Two one-set semifinal matches will be played with the winning semifinalists facing off in the finals moments after the completion of the second semifinal.

Each QQQ Champions Series by Invesco event will typically take 3:00 hours to be completed. Fan friendly, competitive tennis featuring the names you love. That is what the QQQ Champions Series by Invesco is all about.


Sample Event Schedule:

3:00pm                    Play with the Pros Experience #1

4:00pm                    Play with the Pros Experience #2

5:00pm                    Media Session (30 minutes)

5:30pm                    Player Party Experience

6:30pm                    Backstage Experience 

7:00pm                    Semi-final #1 (one set)

7:45pm                    Semi-final #2 (one set)

8:30pm                    Finals (one set)

9:45pm                    Event Conclusion