Inside tennis great John McEnroe’s life of rolling with rock stars like Mick Jagger and Robert Plant

Legendary bad boy John McEnroe’s success as a tennis star let him party like a rock star.

Chilling with Robert Plant and Kid Rock. Sharing a backstage joint with Mick Jagger. Partying with Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders.

In his new memoir “But Seriously,” McEnroe crows about the spoils of celebrity that he wholeheartedly embraced when not rushing the net.

McEnroe pinpoints his charge to the 1977 Wimbledon semifinals as his entree into the world of celebrity. One minute, he was an 18-year-old amateur playing — and winning — in a major tournament.

And then …

“The next thing I knew I was hanging out with Robert Plant and he was telling me what I did was cool,” he marvels.

McEnroe was a kid from Queens, commuting to the elite bastion for rich kids, Trinity School in Manhattan, when he noticed the hot girls swooning for rising Swedish tennis star Bjorn Borg.

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