Michael Chang (USA)

Birth date:2.22.72

Birthplace:New Jersey, USA

Current Residence:Washington, USA

Current Champions Rank:

Highest Champions Rank:4

Current Year Record:0-1

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Michael Chang first started playing the game at six years old. By age 15 he was beginning a string of firsts including: youngest player to win a main draw match at the U.S. Open, youngest Grand Slam champion ever (17 years, 3 months), youngest to rank in the Worlds Top 5 and the first player of Asian descent to crack the Top 10. His all-court game is built on speed and a tenacious service return.


+Chang captured his first Tour singles title in San Francisco at age 16.

+In 1989, Chang played one of the most memorable matches, overcoming leg cramps and serving underhanded in a 5-set quarterfinal win over Lendl. He went on to win the title (beating Edberg) to become the youngest French Open and Grand Slam winner ever.

+Came back from a fractured hip in 1990 to win the Canadian Open (beating Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras) and helped the U.S. team win the Davis Cup.

+Chang made the U.S. Open final (1996), the Australian Open final (1996) and the French Open final (1995).

+He reached his highest ranking, #2 in the World in singles, in 1996.

+34 career titles - all in singles.

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