Every time Andy Roddick comes to Nebraska, there are fireworks. Nothing changed this time as the 2003 U.S. Open champ defeated James Blake in the semifinals and John McEnroe in the final of the PowerShares tennis tour event Friday at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

“It is just so nice to do what I love, in front of all of you at home,” Roddick said after his semifinal win.

Roddick is accustomed to the hometown support he gets from Nebraskans. He played in an exhibition match in Omaha in 2007 and in a PowerShares event in 2015, also at PBA.

“It’s nice to see an area that looks a lot like my room and my bathroom growing up, with Husker gear everywhere. We don’t get that much in Texas,” Roddick said, laughing.

Although Roddick got lots of support from the fans at Pinnacle Bank Arena, McEnroe got plenty of cheers as well. Most of them for having playful arguments with the chair umpire, or getting mad at himself for missing a shot.

On the first point of the match, McEnroe’s opponent Michael Chang called one of his shots on the right sideline out.

“The line is good in Nebraska, right?” McEnroe responded.

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