Last Friday I worked as a volunteer driver for the latest Champions Series Tennis event in Boston.   A hectic rental car situation that morning resulted in me having to drive Jim Courier in my Honda Accord… coupe.  With this as my first duty of the day, I was quite nervous about his expectation/reaction to the situation (and also wishing I had vacuumed the interior of my car).  Upon relaying our mode transportation to Jim, he simply replied, “That’s fine, it doesn’t matter to me.  I could ride on a moped, as long as we get there.”  That reaction (or non-reaction) put me very much at ease, as he was incredibly polite, very laid back, and thankful for my efforts throughout the day.  In addition to some of the event staff and commentating team, I also had the opportunity to drive the co-owner of the organization which puts on the event; Courier is the other owner.  His name was Jon, and he too was very kind and quite funny.  After showing an interest in me and how my day was going, we talked more about what his day was like and the some of the logistics required for the event.  Their respect and kind treatment during our short interactions really made me feel genuinely appreciated, despite my small role.  It was a great experience overall and I am so glad they bring big tennis names into a market like Boston, even for just one night.


Posted by Mike Flynn